Dickerson Projects

Various ISFSI Projects

Various ISFSI Projects

ISFSI Projects

Project Name:  Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI), Security Operations Center (SOC), Vehicle Barrier System (VBS), Drainage and Haul Path

Owner:  Confidential

Project Duration: Varies

Dates of Construction:  Varies


Dickerson has successfully completed ISFSI projects inside the secured area of 3 different nuclear power plants without any safety or security violations. In addition to these ISFSI jobs, our teams have helped to construct SOCs which included mechanical and electrical efforts. We have also completed vehicle barrier systems around entire project sites that also included waves steps up to 30 feet in height. Dickerson also has extensive drainage and haul paths construction experience.

ISFSI construction requires extensive due diligence and the implementation of stringent best management practices. We have implemented dewatering systems that included 36” diameter drilled shafts up to depths of 50 feet to maintain a groundwater drawdown that would allow for safe and efficient excavation. Our projects often require grouting to stabilize the site. One such project required approximately 1,400 holes to depths of 80 feet which was then covered with over 100,000 tons of fill. Dickerson also maintains the exacting standards of ISFSI pad construction and is capable of adhering to super flat finish specifications with a tolerance of 1/8” over 10 feet in all directions.

Our scope of work for ISFSI projects typically includes:

  • Fill existing Storm Water Retention Ponds
  • Ground Stabilization
  • Embankment for the ISFSI
  • Storm Drainage
  • Mud Mats for the Pads and Aprons
  • Pads for the HSM’s
  • Concrete Aprons
  • Concrete Revetment (Wave Steps)
  • Anchor Road
  • AB-1200 Slope Protection
  • VBS (Vehicle Barrier System)
  • SOC (Security Operations Center)
  • Infrared Security
  • Apron Paving
  • Electrical
  • Nasatka Gates and Haul Path
  • Grounding for entire project
  • Interior and Exterior lights
  • CAS Monitors

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