Environmental Remediation Services

Dickerson is proud to offer a number of environmental remediation services that can help offset and mitigate the damage done to a site by pollution or mismanagement of natural resources.  Site remediation becomes necessary when contaminants or ecological damage threatens human health and environmental well-being.  Our team of environmental remediation professionals have the experience and expertise necessary to help repair and preserve the health of Florida’s delicate ecosystems.  Dickerson’s award-winning remediation work and services support the development of sustainable environmental solutions while maintaining economic viability and cost effectiveness.

"Dickerson has been recognized for a number of outstanding environmental remediation efforts that have helped benefit local economies and ecosystems."

Florida’s Best in Construction LAP 2017
Blue Gill Trail

Palm Beach County

Florida’s Best in Construction LAP 2016 
Tidal Wetlands Restoration, St. Lucie Shores, 
Palm City
Martin County


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