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Dickerson Florida, Inc. first began operations in the 1950s, developing capabilities that range from major highway development, airport and bridge construction to complex nuclear storage facilities and environmental remediation.

Dickerson currently maintains a bonding capacity of $417,000,000 and is prequalified by the Florida Department of Transportation for contract work in excess of $400,000,000.

 As a result of this experience, our teams have developed the knowledge and expertise to mobilize quickly and efficiently to the Southeast areas of the United States for a wide spectrum of construction needs and specialties.

Our Founder

Dickerson Florida, Inc. began under the leadership of Norvin Kennedy Dickerson in 1936 and was incorporated in 1947. Mr. Dickerson started small, like most businesses do. He began with one dragline and a few trucks.

Norvin had the philosophy that you must stay on the leading edge of technology in order to succeed. The corporate brochure from 1975 reads,

“Mr. Dickerson represents a lifetime of construction; he formed the first partnership and led it to incorporation in its present form. For his entire business life, he has been an innovator and a national leader in the industry. He, with his original associates, has put together the skilled management team…that has established the strong fiscal policies that gives financial stability, and developed the philosophy of diversification that offers the utmost to our clients.”

Client service was a key component of Mr. Dickerson’s philosophy – and it remains so today.

Norvin Kennedy Dickerson
Norvin Kennedy DickersonOur Founder

Current Leadership

John Joyner
John JoynerOur Chairman

John Joyner

Our Chairman

Mr. Joyner is responsible for developing and executing corporate strategy and, in doing so, works closely with the operations to implement and adapt the company to the changing needs of its customers.  

John is currently involved in adapting Dickerson’s various energy clients’ needs to the company’s extensive experience in nuclear and environmental remediation services. His reputation for taking on increasingly challenging projects is equaled by his passion for providing a safe, diverse and family oriented work environment.

John is committed to developing highly qualified, motivated, and goal-oriented employees; bringing them together as a powerful and cohesive team to address and exceed the client’s needs. John believes in developing opportunities and initiatives for his team to succeed within the organization and to empower them to get the job done.  He is known as an energetic and forward-thinking leader whose is dedicated to Dickerson’s core values of safety and quality projects. 

John's leadership reflects a commitment to innovation and the importance of maintaining a solid business foundation.   John assumed the role as chairman of Dickerson in 1998.

Larry T. Dale
Larry T. DaleOur President

Larry T. Dale

Our President

Mr. Dale’s comprehensive experience in all areas of civil site and roadway construction serves Dickerson well from a project’s beginning to final completion. His open communication with the project management team keeps him informed and updated on a regular basis. He is actively involved in a project from start to finish and successfully leads the team to complete on time and within budget.

Mr. Dale is ultimately responsible for all business decisions relating to the successful completion of all road and bridge projects. He works closely with each department from estimating to project management to those in the field to ensure a quality product upon completion.  Beginning as a hands-on builder of road and highway projects, both urban and rural, leadership and talent have combined with the business acumen required to plan, phase, manage and bring projects in under budget.  

With more than 30 years’ experience, Mr. Dale has won numerous awards including multiple Pat Bolton awards and Florida Statewide awards for quality highway construction.

A New Era: Energy Services - ISFSI, Substations, Environmental Remediation and Transmission

As components of America’s energy infrastructure are modernized and updated or decommissioned, efforts require a very specific order of operations to occur. Realizing the great need of this industry, Dickerson has positioned itself to utilize its expertise around the country. In particular, our teams serve as expert Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI) contractors and have performed other numerous energy-related construction efforts through completion.

We have been responsible for the efficient completion of numerous energy facility construction efforts that include sub-stations, site excavations, drainage system improvements, roadway development, transmission construction, ISFSI facilities, Security Operation Center (SOC) and other overall design improvements. In addition to this experience, we understand the stringent safety needs of the energy community and adhere to a strict code of conduct that keeps our teams, clients, and job sites running safely all day every day.

With an eye towards the future, Dickerson’s goal is to remain the premier contractor in the energy construction sector by completing projects in the most safe, efficient and productive manner.


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PO Box 910 
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(772) 429-4444

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